Student Exchange Program: Flight to Denmark (Finnair)

-This is the continuation of a series of posts documenting my 6 months exchange program & travels to Europe from August 2015 to January 2016 last year cause well, even after a year I just can’t get it out of my mind!-

For my student exchange program (sep), I flew on Finnair from Singapore to Copenhagen on 24th August 2015. The flight included a stopover at Helsinki Airport in Finland where I chose to have a layover of 5 hours instead of half an hour. Looking back, that kind of sucked! But I was afraid that I would miss my connecting flight as I didn’t know how the airport was structured and how long it would take.
[Most other students I met took Qantas/Emirates – a large proportion of them via STA]

In any case, I chose Finnair over Singapore Airlines due to the time of the booking and the cost of the SIA tickets. Furthermore, Finnair offered student and youth fares. The price of the tickets did not make much of a difference as compared to Qantas etc but they did include more flexibility and a whopping extra 23kg of luggage space. That makes a total of 46kg [max 2 pieces of luggage] instead of the original 23kg [max 1 piece of luggage] for both single and return tickets. However, you will only be allowed one piece of luggage if you depart from Europe. Since my only concern was weight & I had already planned to book a one-way ticket and fly via Singapore Airlines for my return flight for the miles, Finnair fit the bill perfectly!
*Do note that they are strict with both the weight and the number of luggage you bring aboard.

The price of my one-way ticket to Copenhagen was $581.50 SGD. 🙂


Fast forward to the day of my flight. I was feeling excited and jittery and sad and well just everything you would expect to feel. I was still packing my luggage as I was about to step out of my house. A situation which happened to a lot of my friends as well. And my total luggage weight was 42kg. Phew!

I had never flown myself before! With my friends or boyfriend, yes but not entirely alone. So that was a first! I am still glad I did it because I really enjoyed it. You might too!

The first few moments waiting for boarding were still surreal at that point. Even after boarding the plane and staying in Denmark for a few days, I still didn’t think it was real. Anyway, it was going to be an overnight flight with a flight time of 12 hours to Helsinki in Finland.

The beauty of these giant birds at night

Had another round of dinner on the plane before trying to sleep. Food was great!

20150824_003112.jpgChose the Fish Option!

As expected, it was really hard to sleep on the not so large seats. Entertainment options were not fantastic as well. So what do you do? Make friends!

The good thing about flying off for exchange is that many other people are flying off for exchange and school re-openings as well! If you just look around in Changi during the initial exchange periods, you will realize that there are really a lot of students going overseas!

20150824_113357.jpgNew friends off to an adventure of their own!

One of them was going abroad to further her studies while another was heading for a semester exchange as well!

Fast forward another 12 hours and we have finally arrived in Helsinki! I had breakfast and snacks before arriving but I forgot to take pictures as I was hungry…

The sky up north was prettier than anything I had ever seen!

Helsinki Airport had nothing much to do. So I sat at a Starbucks for 5 hours, where I also met another student from Singapore furthering his studies in the Baltic States! Caught up with the family back at home before continuing on my flight from Helsinki to Copenhagen.

The last flight was a petite plane but really cute. No food on this flight as it was only an hour, but drinks were served and I opted for blueberry. Till today I still have no idea what blueberry juice they gave me but it was so darn good. I couldn’t find it again anywhere there. If anyone knows, please tell me! Or it might have just been that I was hungry cause I didn’t ate.

But anyhow…


The skies were really pretty and I was really excited to land and head off to my new home for 6 months! ! København Lufthavn was really Nordic-ish. For some reason, I felt like everywhere gave off a subtle IKEA vibe but still had its own distinct feels. You know when you stereo-typically see a little Asian girl being awe-struck from realizing she is in Europe. Yeah I definitely felt like that. Was grateful to have friends who arrived a few days earlier to come and pick me up as well!

Met many others who were going to DTU as well so we traveled together as a group. Since Lyngby was pretty far off, we went by public transport to save on cost. Without a rejsekort (equivalent to our EZ-Link card), it cost around $16 SGD from the airport to DTU. I immediately bought one after orientation week as it was really much more worth it, especially since I will be staying there for 6 months making future journeys to the airport and everywhere else cost around half the price!

So let the adventure begin!

And it did. Because halfway to school, I realized that I had lost my passport. :/

So yeah! Keep your belongings safe! I got it delivered from Singapore by DHL in the end, just in time for the 1st leg of my trip 2-3 weeks later. So praises and thanks to everyone involved for being so efficient.



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