Luxury Tripping – Destination: Genting

*UPDATE: video is up. Please click here!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been writing as I was busy travelling for the past few weeks and getting ready for the new school/work transition year! But now that I’ve settled, its time to get back to writing 🙂

During the holidays, I have had the coolest opportunity to get on board a private jet for a trip to our neighboring country to escape the heat, not once but twice! From what I hear, a seat on the plane sets you back about $30,000 (not entirely sure about the pricing).

The plane (below) was provided by Genting as a means of transportation for its clients. The entire plane ride lasts about an hour before arriving at Kualar Lumpur and getting on a car (also provided by Genting), arriving at Genting Highlands in about an hour.

The pilots were really nice and our baggage were well handled by the ground crew. We were even allowed to sit at the stewardess chair and watch as the pilots took off and landed. That was indeed a once in a lifetime experience!

After the thrills of getting on and off the jet, and lazing in the lounge in KL. We took a spacious car and arrived in Genting in an hour!


During our first visit, we stayed at Crockfords, which offered us a linked executive twin and king room. The link way between the two rooms was a living room furnished with an additional toilet, sofa, tv as well as a bike machine (not really sure what it’s called). What I really liked about the room was the steam function where you could steam up the shower before heading in, providing the much needed warmth in the extremely cold room.

As we had quite a lot of people on the trip, another room that we had gotten was the 16th and 17th floor. Instead of the common linkage between two rooms beside one another, this was linked with the room on the floor above, creating a two story room which comes with the spiral staircases you see in your princess dreams as well as a huge living room and a Jacuzzi in the 16th floor room. (Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to take pictures of the room.)

On our second visit on Christmas, we stayed at Maxims. (Maxims is only available for booking by certain groups of people. Be sure to check out if you are eligible!) The hotel was kind enough to offer us the ambassador suites and presidential suite rooms on the highest floor which could be linked and consisted of a total of 8 rooms. It included a bar area, living room, gym room, Jacuzzi/sauna/massage room, OSIM massage chairs, private Jacuzzi and a karaoke room. Pretty Cool! Sadly I only have the video available (here) Save for this one photo of the master bedroom’s toilet and my room’s full length window views!


On the first visit, Genting was same old same old, if you know what I mean. There was the theme parks, the shops, snowworld, casinos etc etc. Nothing new had came out then. Christmas proved more exciting as we were invited to a Christmas celebration dinner!

Furthermore, it just so happened that Sky Avenue had just opened! “The brand new shopping experience, Sky Avenue and Sky Plaza will house a brand new state of the art cable system and station which can take over 3600 people per way per hour connecting Sky Avenue to the mid hill Genting Premium Outlet.” – Resorts World Genting. Indeed, the new Sky Avenue was a whole new shopping experience, consisting of shops such as Adidas, Under Armour, etc, cafes such as Eight Ounce Coffee, Gong Cha, Tokyo Secret, etc and gastronomic food houses such as Burger & Lobster, Morganfield’s, Tampopo Ramen and many more.

By the way Burger & Lobster just became my new favourite. 💙

Besides the enticing food and shops, a new cable car system has finally been wired in! The new route to & from Awana Station to Genting Highlands offer two types of cable cars – normal ones & glass-floored cable cars. Of course, we had to try the glass floored ones. Although I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone with an extreme fear of heights as there are certain parts of the ride which are extremely steep. If you’re game, cross your fingers for the ride to stop mid air (which was what happened to me) and you will be able to experience the up and down motion of the cables tightening and loosening above you (albeit slightly, its still scary!). Glass cable cars allow riders more privacy as not many people are riding them due to the higher price. Hence we had the cable car all to ourselves!!! *Video Available!*

Overall, great new attraction! Genting Premium Outlet (GPO) had not yet opened its doors, but Genting seems to be looking great! Looking forward to the new theme parks and premium outlets!

Maybe its time to revisit Genting again guys!



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