Lounge Next Door – Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour

Did you know that Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour  is about half the price of Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway? With the added advantage of being near Legoland Malaysia and in Sanrio Town itself, it definitely calls for a getaway!

J and I were bored of studying in Singapore (I mean the plugs & internet combination are as scarce as the land itself) so we jokingly went to search for air tickets and hotels. With luck, we came across Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour, which was a mere $190 for the next day check-in with lounge access. Deciding between DoubleTree by Hilton and Hotel Jen Puteri, we decided to go with Hotel Jen as I previously had really wanted to try out Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway and this provided a really good opportunity! So back home to search for the way there and pack our bags for the next day!

Hotel Jen Puteri is not in the city center like DoubleTree by Hilton (which was part of why we were deciding between the two) as DoubleTree might be more accessible due to the close walking distance from the checkpoint terminal to the hotel. Information on how to travel between Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour and Singapore by public transport (buses) are scarce as well so here is a detailed guide on how to get there.

Hotel Jen Logo

Getting to Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour (Public Transportation)

There is no fixed way to get to hotel Jen and you can mix and match your route as you please! As we went there on a weekday from school, we took the CW bus from Jurong East to CIQ 2nd Link and then the causeway link bus to Legoland (to have a look – it was deserted) before arriving at Hotel Jen.

1) Firstly, make your way to Tuas Checkpoint via

  1. Jurong East Bus Interchange Berth B1; or
  2. Boon Lay MRT, both of which cost SGD$4.00.

2) After passing immigration, depending on the day which you are heading to Puteri, there are a few options.

a) On Weekdays, only JPO2 is available. The bus is extremely infrequent with 3 hour intervals as seen in the timetable below, so make sure to plan your entry through immigration in time. You will be leaving from “CIQ 2nd Link” and alighting at “Hello Kitty Town”. Please let the driver know where you will be heading to and he will inform you of the fare applicable. The maximum fare charged for the end-to-end trip is RM6.00. Actual fare will depend on the boarding and alighting stations. The duration of travel takes around 1 hour 15 minutes from CIQ 2nd Link to Puteri.

JPO2 Timetable

b) On weekends and public holidays, you have the option of taking JPO2 or SL1. SL1 is more frequent with 1.5 hour intervals. Similarly, you will board from “CIQ 2nd Link” and alight at “Hello Kitty Town”. This route may take slightly longer due to more stops being made but costs only RM2.50 from “CIQ 2nd Link” to “Hello Kitty Town”.


SL1 Timetable

3) After alighting at “Hello Kitty Town” walk in the direction of the Super Hero Café and Starbucks until you reach the entrance of Hotel Jen which is around 1 to 2 blocks down. (Picture guide below)


1) Firstly, make your way to Woodlands Checkpoint via

  1. Singapore Buses at Kranji (170, 170A, 178, 160), Marsiling (856, 950), Woodlands (950) and Jurong East (160) [Not recommended due to long queues and price]
  2. Malaysia Buses at Kranji (CW1), Newton Circus (CW5) and Boon Lay MRT (CW6) [*CW1 recommended as it is the cheapest, costing only RM3.00 with close to no queue at Kranji as compared to 170. This is a good option for those with exact Malaysian Ringgit for the trip]

2) After passing immigration, find bus LM1 at “JB Sentral” bus interchange at the lowest level in the direction of City Square Mall from CIQ 1st Board at the “JB Sentral” bus interchange and alight at “PHFTP” which stands for Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park. The bus is pretty frequent with 1.5 hour intervals on weekdays and 1 hour intervals on weekend. If you arrive early, you could always head to city square mall just across the road.

JB Sentral Bus Interchange
LM1 Timetable

3) Similarly, after alighting at “PHFTP”, walk in the direction of the Super Hero Café and Starbucks until you reach the entrance of Hotel Jen which is around 1 to 2 blocks down. (Refer to pictures below)

This is where you will most probably be alighting at.
Walk towards this direction. See Batman standing at the top there?
Entrance to Hotel Jen
Inside Hotel Jen!


Alternative Route

* The last route that you could take is to book a free shuttle bus between Legoland and Hotel Jen Puteri and make your way from Singapore to Legoland via the buses above! The free shuttle bus schedule is as below, but make sure to give the hotel a call for a reservation! Personally, I think this route is too much of a hassle to embark on unless you are heading to Legoland

Hotel Jen Shuttle Bus


Head over to the reception counter and the kind staff will direct you to the area where you will be able to check-in. For club lounge guest, this will be on Floor 3A, in the Club Lounge itself, one of the benefits of having club access at Jen!

On Route to the Club Lounge


For club guests, if rooms are not yet available, be sure to chill out and relax in the lounge while waiting. Have some snacks or wine and just enjoy the view! Stay as long as you like with free flow beverages and cookies.

Quiet & Relaxed Environment


Quality Drinks and Harbour View
Check in area for other guests

Guest Rooms

Hotel Jen has 3 types of typical guest rooms – Deluxe, Deluxe Harbour View and Premier Rooms and 2 themed rooms – Hello Kitty Deluxe and Hello Kitty Premier. We stayed in the deluxe room with club access, but it was more than spacious enough for us to hang around.02.png03.png04.png05.png06.png07.png

Part of Hotel Jen’s specialty is its distinctive figurative character Jen. Her presence is strongly felt through small notes found in your room and even on their website.


Club Benefits

When at Jen with club benefits, you will have:

  • Exclusive check-in and check-out
  • A totally in-the-know concierge to help you get the most out of your stay
  • Complimentary evening cocktails and snacks
  • Complimentary iPad rental to stream Netflix if you stay more than 7 days
  • Exclusive breakfast buffet in a private setting overlooking the harbour
  • Pressing of one piece of clothing per stay
  • Free local calls
  • Lounge facilities
  • Internet surfing desk and high-speed WiFi
  • Meeting rooms

Of course, being Singaporeans, we had to go for the evening cocktail. There was a large variety of food provided and drinks are always available 24/7.



Hotel Amenities

After cocktail which doubled as our dinner, we went to check out the amenities provided. One of the most advertised amenity is the infinity pool here at Hotel Jen. To get there from the club lounge, we had to walk through the gym (which I had forgotten to take a picture of, so hotel provided picture it is) with a harbor view and crossing this odd diamond path which I assumed was for decorative purpose.


Alternatively, you could take the lift up from block 3, so if you want easier access to the pool, ask for a room in block 3! We were greeted with plenty of sun-bathing chairs, a baby pool, Jacuzzi and the infinity pool beside a restaurant.

Baby pool
Infinity Pool
The View
A plus that they had chargers everywhere, literally!

After swimming, being hungry as we are, we headed down to get supper! Puteri Harbour had two outdoor levels of food and entertainment, including Hello Kitty Town. Filled with bars, western food and local food, they have an option for every budget.


With J craving local delights, we went for “Sambal Sauce” and ordered their chef recommended sambal fried rice and bee hoon goreng. Although the dishes looked simple they tasted heavenly and came with a cheap price tag. J is still bothering me about going back there for his bee hoon!27.jpg28

With supper done, J was feeling guilty and went to gym while I headed back for a study session for my exams before turning in for the day.


Rise and shine, the most awaited part of the trip for J – HOTEL BREAKFAST! With our club benefits, we could choose to have breakfast at the general breakfast area or have breakfast at the club lounge. Both served different things, so we decided to try both [*typical cheeky Singaporeans*].

For the general crowd at Hotel Jen, they had a breakfast spread comparable to Thailand Baiyoke’s sky breakfast. This was one of the largest array of breakfast spreads we had seen, and we’d seen a lot. From western to local and Singaporean tastes, we bet you could find at least one thing that appeals to you.


Breakfast round 2 was in the club lounge where it was a more quiet environment, but with much, MUCH less variety as well. Here, you ordered from the menu provided and had desserts and small snacks to add on.


As we were really full, we had drinks and ordered a plate of “Two eggs, cook to order” to try it out. It was alright since I was already full.63.jpg

Returning Home

After breakfast and more studying, it was sadly time to head home. We had asked for a late check out and was told they could only allow us to stay until 12.30pm, so that was that. Check out was swift and easy and we were on our way in a jiffy. On the way home, we decided to head to Johor Premium Outlet to window shop since it was still early taking the JPO2 bus from where we alighted yesterday. From there we took the bus JPO1 to JB Sentral to get my favourite banana cake before heading home.

P.S Tomato Studio Express in city square mall beside JB Sentral has really good promotions, do check them out!


So there it is. Easy and hassle free getaway at Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour. Both J and I agreed that we would definitely head back there again.




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